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Land is saved...
Learning is shared...Forever: Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust
Learning is shared...
Learning is shared...Forever: Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust
Life is protected...
Life is protected...Forever: Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust
Legacies can be preserved...
Legacies can be preserved...Forever: Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust


Nature’s Treasures


Natural Classrooms


Wildlife and You


Time, Land, Wealth and Wisdom

“4EVER” is our promise to protect lands entrusted to us … Forever!

Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust (TIWLT) is situated at what is likely the most important migratory crossroads in North America. As climate change accelerates and wilderness disappears, we must protect the land and wildlife that are our legacy. TIWLT educates the public about how each person can help.

Please watch our short introductory video and then explore the sections on Land, Learning, Life, and Legacies. You’ll discover the many ways that you, your family, and friends can support TIWLT and make a 4EVER difference!

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Current Campaign

In 2022, TIWLT began a 5-year, $5 million conservation plan. We are acquiring key properties, but still have “miles to go before we sleep”. Protecting land 4ever depends on the support of both generous donors and volunteers. Because TIWLT is the only land trust focused solely on the watershed of the Thousand Islands and our overhead costs are minimal, most of the money you donate will go directly to property acquisition. Please take a look at some of our properties and consider becoming a TIWLT supporter.

TIWLT 4ever Properties

Glen Elbe Learning Centre

What is now the Glen Elbe Learning Centre was left to TIWLT by a generous woman named Jane Topping. We’ve unraveled 200 years of history here with more to come. The 111-acre property features heritage flower and vegetable gardens, a Climate Change Arboretum, and experiential real-world learning opportunities for students and locals.

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Whip-Poor-Will Woods

This 147-acre property is a puzzle piece that connects provincial park lands with existing TIWLT properties in the Leeder’s Creek wetland complex. TIWLT embarked on a fundraising campaign to purchase this keystone property in the fall of 2023 with two very generous supporters offering matching funds for up to $80,000. Thanks to our many supporters, Whip-Poor-Will Woods is now protected 4ever.

Calder Schweitzer

The Mabee Gift

Hidden away from major roads is this 169-acre headwater property, where the waters flow to Charleston Lake and its surroundings. Its wetlands mitigate flooding downstream while filtering the water and providing habitat for many species. This land was a gift from environmentalists Bonnie and Dick Mabee.

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Street’s & Marshall’s Marshes

Near Half Moon Bay in the Admiralty Group of the 1000 Islands, these marshes have been donated to TIWLT by their respective owners. They will now be protected 4ever from human development.

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Blueberry Island

Many boaters in the 1000 Islands have passed Blueberry Island and wondered: why is there no structure on it? No campsite. No dock. Blueberry Island remains pristine because in 2003 a generous owner, Sandy Gregory, decided that his land should be a protected stopover for migrating wildlife and should remain an unspoiled gem. He left Blueberry Island to TIWLT to protect 4ever.

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