Learning is shared...Forever: Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust
Learning is shared...Forever: Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust
Life is protected...Forever: Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust
Legacies can be preserved...Forever: Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust


Nature’s Treasures


Natural Classrooms


Wildlife and You


Time, Land, Wealth and Wisdom

“4EVER” is our promise to protect lands entrusted to us … Forever!

Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust (TIWLT) is situated at what is likely the most important migratory crossroads in all of North America. With the advance of climate change and disappearing wilderness, we need to protect land, life and legacies, and help people learn how they can help.

Please explore each of Land, Learning, Life and Legacies, but first take a few minutes to watch our short TIWLT introductory video. You’ll discover many ways that you, your family and friends can support TIWLT and make a 4EVER difference!

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Happening Now:

This year’s 1000 Acre Challenge is  well underway. It includes the renovation and restoration of the home of Jane Topping, a life-long TIWLT supporter who passed away and deeded her property to TIWLT. It will become the Glen Elbe Learning and Experience Centre. Learn more and see what else is happening with the support of people like yourself.
1000 Acre Challenge

News & Events

April 13, 2021

Thousand Acre Challenge: 2021 Update

Thanks to a great number of donors, and a grant from the ECHO Foundation, in 2020 the Thousand Acre Challenge…
April 13, 2021

Spotlight On: Trevelyan Farm

Trevelyan Farm is TIWLT's newest conservation easement property. With nearly 200 acres of beautiful wilderness, it's easy to sing its…

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