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Our natural treasure chest is habitat for all things wild, and beauty that can take our breath away.

Our forests and wetlands work for us as massive sponges, soaking up heavy rains and snowmelt to dramatically lessen flooding. In dry years, they slowly release stored and filtered water into our wells and waterways. Wetlands, forests and healthy farmland clean our water, filter our air, keep our local food supply intact. They give us freedom, pleasure, and nourish our souls. They deserve our protection.

The Thousand Islands watershed is one of Canada’s most ecologically important regions. Surprisingly, only 5% of the landscape is protected within the region’s national parks, provincial parks and conservation authorities.

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Science tells us that 30% of natural landscapes is the minimum to host wildlife.

Fortunately, more than that minimum is still here today, thanks to many responsible landowners. As population and the demand on recreational space increases, that will not be the case forever. TIWLT’s mission is to conserve our natural treasures and ensure that special places will be there … 4EVER.

Smart conservation looks at natural spaces with the best qualities of habitat, where species are at risk and what services nature provides. Not all lands need be conserved and not all lands are right for the Land Trust. We work with landowners to determine if their land is a good strategic fit for 4EVER and if so, how that might be enabled to benefit all.

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“4EVER” is our promise to protect lands entrusted to us … Forever!

Land is saved…

Wetlands, forests and healthy farmland deserve our protection

Learning is shared…

Understanding the natural world and how to take best care of it

Life is protected…

Plant and animal habitat and migration routes need to be conserved

Legacies can be preserved…

Security, beauty and wonder to be appreciated by future generations