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Conservation is far more than protecting land...

Conservation is also about learning how to ensure that the quality of life we value today is there for the future. Our future depends on our understanding of the natural world, and how to take best care of it, from species at risk to climate change. Conservation education is a powerful tool to know how to keep our water pure, keep wildlife abundant and keep healthy the services of nature that sustain us.

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They say knowledge is at our fingertips...

But as we live more of our lives inside walls and on electronic screens, the outdoors as a place to share, learn and experience is slipping away from us. Natural spaces are classrooms without equal whether in parks, in your back yard 40 or on TIWLT’s lands. Outdoors, nature comes alive in full living colour, three dimensions, in real time and in full-throated sound.

TIWLT’s invitation is always open to come experience these natural treasures with us. We always have fascinating events coming up! Become a land trust member, be a champion for this area, and get the latest news and events delivered direct to your inbox.

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“4EVER” is our promise to protect lands entrusted to us … Forever!

Land is saved…

Wetlands, forests and healthy farmland deserve our protection

Learning is shared…

Understanding the natural world and how to take best care of it

Life is protected…

Plant and animal habitat and migration routes need to be conserved

Legacies can be preserved…

Security, beauty and wonder to be appreciated by future generations