Adopt a TIWLT Property

You have power to save wildlife, surround yourself in green space, protect fresh air and fresh water.

Can you, would you consider making a one-time donation to symbolically adopt, in whole or in part, one of TIWLT’s properties? If you can do this, your legacy is literally a gift to future generations – saving land you love in this precious corner of our world.

4Ever Protection Fund

4Ever is our identity – 4 “Ls”: Land, Life, Learning and Legacies. The Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust pledges to conserve and protect our landholdings and easements for all time – a promise to future generations. But it can’t be done without you.

All land trusts in Canada must build a conservation protection fund, dedicated to the long term protection of land trust properties. At TIWLT, we’re calling this our “4Ever Protection Fund”. Issues or violations of a property’s natural integrity would be dealt with through this fund. The fund is to be 10% of the value of all TIWLT properties at the time each was acquired, wisely and ethically invested to at minimum keep pace with inflation. It is a general fund covering all properties, meaning that a donation to the 4Ever Protection Fund can cover any property that needs it at any given time, giving future generations of the land trust’s Board and staff the means to insure that the 4ever promise is kept.

Today the land trust owns and has conservation easements of over 1,700 acres of lands in the watershed of the Thousand Islands, and that number grows year to year. Each property is a unique and important piece of the natural landscape fabric. Each tells a special story. And each conserves habitats for all the thousands of living things and thousands of services of nature that make this very small region a natural treasure in Canada.

Small islands are BIG players and there are hundreds of these islets that TIWLT wants to protect 4ever. They are critical for the life of the river. The shallows are important fish spawning grounds and nurseries. The shores are homes for turtles and the uplands offer feeding platforms for eagles, osprey, herons and gulls. Small islands are part of the stepping-stone river crossing routes for small birds, butterflies, mammals and reptiles. While they look small, these islets play an enormous role in the health and well-being of the Thousand Islands.

TIWLT can work with you on a plethora of donation options, with planned giving, stocks and bonds, wills and bequests, insurance policies or cash donations. TIWLT is honoured by your gift, and will work with you to recognize your contribution, as you wish. You can symbolically adopt a property with a donation equal to its portion of the 4Ever Protection Fund, given in each property description below. If you adopt a property as a company, individual or family, a named fund or award can celebrate your endeavour. Should you join with others to adopt a property, a plaque at the property could recognize you. But should you wish anonymity, TIWLT will of course respect that decision.

The 4Ever Protection Fund takes just a one-time contribution. Once established, the Fund will forever be a legacy and testament to your love and respect for the natural and national treasure of the watershed of the Thousand Islands.

Choose a property (below) to protect forever, with a one-time donation.

Adopt a TIWLT Property

The following Thousand Islands Watershed Land Trust properties are owned directly or with conservation agreements. When ready to symbolically adopt, dedicate your donation to the property of your choice.

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Give a gift to future generations and save the land you love.

Adopt a TIWLT Property