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U.S. Donations

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U.S. taxpayers can support TIWLT’s work with monetary or land donations that are tax deductible in the U.S.!

Monetary donations to TIWLT can be made through a gift that is tax deductible in the U.S., thanks to a partnership with American Friends of Canadian Conservation (“American Friends”). You can help us protect this special part of Canada with a contribution of cash or securities, and receive a tax benefit in the U.S.

Contact us if you need help to determine which tax system is the best option for your donation.

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Make a U.S. Donation

Make a monetary donation via American Friends in one of the following ways:

Donate Online

Make a one-time contribution or a recurring gift using a credit card through American Friends.

Donate by Mail

Mail a check (in U.S. funds) and completed grant recommendation form (required for donation to be tax deductible) to:
“American Friends of Canadian Conservation”
336 36th Street #717
Bellingham, WA 98225
Print Form

Donate Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Fund Shares

Contact American Friends staff for instructions:
Tel: (360) 515-7171
American Friends allows you to avoid U.S. capital gains taxes while receiving a tax deduction for the current value of your securities. 

How you can conserve your Canadian property through a gift that is tax deductible in the US?

American Friends was created to remove the tax and legal barriers that may prevent U.S. taxpayers from permanently protecting their Canadian natural lands. Gifts of land to American Friends are charitable donations in the U.S. and effectively not subject to Canadian capital gains. Learn about the bi-national tax incentives by downloading “Save Some Green: a handbook for US taxpayers” from the Resources at the American Friends website. TIWLT will partner with American Friends to complete your conservation gift and would be the local land steward.

For information about tax benefits and how to make a gift of land contact:

American Friends of Canadian Conservation

Tel: (360) 515-7171

Have a special property to protect?

Contact us to learn more