Barrier is a small classic among the Thousand Islands. This slender, quarter acre island lives up to its name, a barrier to wake and wave for Lover’s Lane. Lover’s Lane is a shallow channel, winding through several small islands along the north shore of Ash Island, just south of Ivy Lea. This channel needs all the protection it can get: it is among the most valuable nurseries for minnows and fish, turtles and amphibians of the Thousand Islands. Barrier is rugged and ice-scarred granite, topped with wind-bent pines and junipers. Map turtles, a species at risk, bask on its ledges and feed on molluscs in its lee. Barrier Island has just been donated by neighbouring islanders to TIWLT, and is a step towards conservation of Lover’s Lane by other islanders with whom TIWLT is working into 2021.

Fund needed: $6,000

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