Blueberry is a small island lying about 150 metres south of Stave Island, approximately 12 kilometers east of the town of Gananoque. Blueberry Island, also Island 50 a in the Owen Survey of 1816 for the British Admiralty, is a quarter acre, quite round in shape, and has abrupt shores of granite rock. The island is flat-topped, standing about two metres above the high water mark. The bedrock and boulders of Rockport granite protrudes here and there through the thin, granular, sandy soil. In Owen’s survey, the island was described thus: “Very fine; level; grassy; some small cedars, white birch and pine; first class location”. That same general description fits very well today, for the growth on the island appears now much as it would have nearly two hundred years ago. The name Blueberry is quite apt – the predominant vegetation is blueberry bushes.

Blueberry was purchased for $40,000 and donated to TIWLT in 2004 by a US cottager on Stave Island to protect the natural view and privacy – the small island is not far offshore from the cottage. TIWLT was eager to accept the donation because of its contribution to river ecology. In early spring and late fall rafts of scaup and other diving ducks feed in the island’s shallows during migration, and loons dive to fish throughout the summer. The shoreline and shallows host schools of thousands of feeding and spawning fish. It is a stepping-stone in the bird and animal migrations on this chain of islands.

Fund needed: $5,000

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