Just south of Gananoque, near the western edge of the Admiralty Islands, Bostwick is a gem of an island. At about 90 acres, it’s one of the mid-size islands, with a wonderful woodlands bordered on the west half of its southern shore by a sheltered reed marsh. While several of the Admiralty Islands have been divided into many small cottage lots, Bostwick is just a few property owners and larger lots so that its natural cover is largely intact. With five islands of Thousand Islands National Park nearby, and excellent natural qualities, conservation projects on Bostwick attracted TIWLT’s attention.

Two islander families contacted TIWLT to explore donations of parts of their properties, one an 8 acre parcel we call the marsh lot; and the other five acres a short distance from the marsh lot that cradles a shallow bay-lined shore. Both have rich oak and hickory and savannah woodlands, vibrantly alive with bird song and brilliant flashes of colour from flashing wings. Sheltered vernal pools host salamanders and frogs. Deer and foxes wander into view. These generously donated properties have immense conservation values, forever a wildlife refuge of forest, shoreline and marshland in a busy area of the Thousand Islands.

Marshall Bay fund needed: $31,000
Marsh Lot fund needed: $21,000

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