Doctor’s Island is near Rockport, and just northwest of the head of Grenadier Island. If there was ever to be one small island that could sum up what the Thousand Islands looks like and is all about, this 1 ½ acre island is the place. Tear-drop shaped, the east granite shore is smooth rock, glacier-sculpted. Its sides and western end are low cliffs are angular faces where glaciers pulled fractured rock away, and 10,000 years of river ice chips at any weakness in the granite at its western end.

All three of the region’s pine species find their niches – with the rare and rugged pitch pine at the west end defying the prevailing winds, classic white pines atop the island, flagged-shaped by those winds, and stately red pines in pockets of sandy soil in the interior. Hemlock grace the shadier north shore; resilient white and red oak’s stout branches shade thickets of blue berries and huckleberries. An osprey rules the island with a jumbled nest of twigs in one of the white pines.

Deep carpets of moss show that people have rarely in history set foot on Doctor’s Island. In fact, that’s what was intended. The island was purchased in the 1800s by a doctor at Buck Island, the next and larger island to the east. The family wanted to preserve the smaller island’s untouched, classic silhouette that was part of a cherished sunset view. When after generations the family finally had to sell these islands, they still wanted to keep that unspoiled legacy alive. They donated Doctor’s Island to TIWLT – where it will be kept in classic island form, 4ever.

Fund needed: $21,000

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