At a glance, 106 is nestled so close to the south side of Tar Island, straight across from the Grenadier Island golf club docks, that you’d think it was part of the larger island. The channel separating the two islands is almost narrow enough to jump across. This dome-shaped island is another microcosm of the Thousand Islands. Its west end is an abrupt granite shore, with staunch oaks and pines bent to the brunt of the winds that whistle down between Grenadier and Tar Islands. Island 106’s east end is a tranquil shallows where willows and reeds meld into the river, and where great blue and green herons stalk for minnows. It seems every summer a white tail deer raises a fawn or two on this lush and quiet refuge, and mink romp along the shores.

Island 106 has a conservation easement agreement with TIWLT, and will be forever wild. Decades ago, it had a tiny cabin where the kids of the islands’s owners came to adventure over summer nights. Now, as that cabin melts into the landscape, nature is at play.

Fund needed: $3,000

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