Like Barrier Island, Island 78e is part of the chain of islands that create the Lover’s Lane channel along the north side of Ash Island, just south of Ivy Lea. 78e is near the east end of that quaint but ecologically rich channel. Less than a quarter acre, it is a slender sliver of granite, with white pines and red cedar trees, red osier dogwood and blueberry shrubs. Muskrats, river otters, beavers and raccoons are often there. The shallows teem with dozens of species of fish. Tree swallows dart through the air, snapping up flying insects. Eagles, herons and osprey fish in these waters. 78e is very small, but very much alive.

Like Blueberry Island, 78e came as a donation to TIWLT by a neighbouring islander who bought it to keep it natural, to benefit their privacy. 78e and Barrier Islands are part of a current TIWLT conservation project along Lover’s Lane – one of the most important refuges for a fish nursery and turtle-dwelling places in the Thousand Islands.

Fund needed: $6,100

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