The Leeder property, as Trevelyn Farm, is an important part of the conservation of the Leeders Creek Wetland Complex. The 206 acre piece of the puzzle was purchased by TIWLT in 2020. It has a mix forest, wetland and three small fields. The wetland at the south end of the property is a Provincially Significant Wetland, through which Leeders Creek flows not far from its source at Graham Lake at Macintosh Mills. The largest part of this land is forest, hundreds and hundreds of species of wildlife and plant life. Four small streams originate on or just above the property, and trickle through small ponds and other wetlands to Leeders Creek itself. The three small hayfields along Marsh Road, and as at some of the other land trust properties, host rare grasslands birds.

The Leeder property is now part of the buffering system for the Crown Lands of the Leeders Creek Wetland Complex. This Complex is the largest watershed flowing to Charleston Lake, filtering trillions of litres of water that go to the ecosystem of this Very Sensitive Lake Trout Lake. Vast amounts of water are held in heavy precipitation events, and released in droughts.

TIWLT has an agreement with the Triangle Ski Club to use a ski and walking path across the property. There is also a relationship with a farm neighbour for hay cutting, delayed to allow timing for the grasslands birds to fledge their young. Again, TIWLT is part of the community while conserving a key ecological property.

Fund needed: $16,000

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