Just east of the village of Rockport, between the Old River Road and Highway 401, is a forested property, laced with small streams and with wetland valleys and woodland pools. The 105 acre property has no buildings, and only some small remnants of fields – cut occasionally to keep more nesting options open for birds – the owners’ passion is birding.

This property has had a conservation easement agreement with TIWLT for nearly 20 years. It is very highly valued for its very rich mix of wildlife and plant life. It plays as well an important role in helping bridge gaps in some of the conservation properties of Thousand Islands National Park that too are between the Thousand Islands Parkway and Highway 401. Properties as this are linkages between islands as the stepping-stones of north-south migration, vital to the critical migration corridor of the Frontenac Arch.

Fund needed: $3,030

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