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Thanking Conservation Heroes Dick and Bonnie Mabee

By December 30, 2022March 20th, 2024No Comments

Hidden away from major roads is this 169-acre headwater property, where the waters flow to Charleston Lake and its surroundings. Its wetlands mitigate flooding downstream while filtering the water and providing habitat for many species.

This land was a gift from environmentalists Bonnie and Dick Mabee. Bonnie and Dick approached us initially with the idea of finding and purchasing a property that TIWLT could steward forever. They kickstarted the first year of TIWLT’s 5-year, $5 million conservation project in the Leeder’s Creek area with this major donation.

As a result of their vision and generosity, TIWLT now owns a key parcel in the Leeder’s Creek Wetland Complex, a magnificent collection of ecosystems supporting species at risk and carbon sequestration. Its ridge-and-valley landscape coupled with its many wetlands make it ideal for sustaining biodiversity, which in turn supports clean air, pure water, and carbon storage.

The Mabees are an inspiration to all of us here at TIWLT. You can hear them speak about this donation in the video below.

Making a donation to TIWLT is a leap of faith – but you won’t regret putting your faith in us. Whether you are considering the purchase of a legacy property like the Mabees or have a few extra dollars set aside for charitable giving, TIWLT will honour your generosity. This promise – like every part of our work – is 4ever.